Welcome to The Beauty Blog 

Thebeautyblog.ca started back in Dec 2007, from when Ande was just sharing her freelance makeup artistry work and answering makeup artistry questions on her website, little did she know what she was doing would now be called blogging.

thebeautyblog.ca has evolved to a place where you can find honest tried and tested product reviews, previews, makeup, skincare, fashion trends, lifestyle and more.

Our Contributors

Ande Garcia - Founder and Editor

Ande is a Beauty Industry Professional, Makeup Artist, Beauty Expert, Beauty Advisor, Skin Care Specialist and Educator for over 20 years. 

Her expertise comes from all the many roles she has had in the beauty industry, from retail cosmetic sales, Makeup Artist for Pro teams, Key Artist and leading fashion shows, managing cosmetic counters and stores to her education and training roles.

Ande is a mother of 2 daughters which keep her very current with the latest trends in everything beauty, fashion, Pop culture, music, tv/film and more. On her spare time you can find her at a concert as music is also a huge passion in her life.

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Pooja Sharma - Beauty Curator
My name is Pooja and I love all things beauty. Growing up, I would hide in the bathroom playing with my sister’s makeup... never did I think it would lead me to a path of working in the beauty industry as a makeup artist and beauty educator. 

In the ever-changing world of beauty it is easy to get lost in new trends and techniques and I’m here to try them all so you don’t have to! When I’m not playing with makeup, you can find me at a yoga class, dancing around my house, curled up with some tea, drawing or trying something new!

The postings on thebeautyblog.ca, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and all other social media platforms represent my own opinions and views and do not reflect or represent the view, opinions or strategies of any company I may be associated with.