FabFitFun Winter Box 2019 – What’s in my Box!

Post by Pooja Sharma

FabFitFun Winter  Box 2019 – What’s in my Box! 

I have vivid memories of days long past when I would go into Ardene with my mom. These trips would always be so exciting for me because it was an opportunity to pick out one of the $5 mystery bags at the register. I found a fascination in these mystery bags because for only five dollars I would go home and open what felt like a never-ending bag of goodies. Mind you, even though some bags were way better than others, it was the experience that I enjoyed the most. 

Now, in my twenties, I have found this same allure in subscription boxes. I’ve tried a few beauty subscription boxes in the past but for me, my go-to has been FabFitFun. FabFitFun is a $49 USD seasonal subscription box that sends full size beauty, fitness and lifestyle related products (Valued over $200 USD) right to your door in the cutest packaging ever! I’ve had FFF for around 5-6 seasonal boxes now, and it’s safe to say I will not be unsubscribing any time soon. AND besides the fact that it is my equivalent of those childhood mystery bags…they give me the option to customize my box based on the options available! This means that instead of hoping and praying I get an eyeshadow palette instead of a face cream, I can choose to have the eyeshadow palette included in my box! UGH, it’s amazing. 

I just received my Winter Box this and I’m definitely looking forward to using some of these goodies! 

1. Karuna Face for All – Face and Eye Mask Set (Retail value $42 USD)
My ideal self-care scenario includes me in a bath with a glass of wine, listening to some great R&B throwbacks with a face mask on…or just wearing one while eating popcorn and watching Real Housewives of New Jersey, haha. This set includes 6 face masks that target anything from exfoliating to hydrating and one renewal eye mask – so no matter what my skin is in the need for I’ll be able to find it in one of these masks.

2. Color Switch Brush Spot Cleanser (Retail Value $17 USD)
This spot cleansing brush cleanser allows make up users to create a bold, colourful look with minimal brushes! Before going into your next colour, dip your brush into the sponge and pull out an instantly clean and DRY brush! As someone who loves experimenting with makeup, this is the perfect product to have at my vanity. OR this product would be amazing to travel with - imagine, you just did a blue smoky eye the night before…it’s the next morning and you’re getting ready for a meeting but your only 3 eyeshadow brushes are all covered in blue… Boom! Problem solved!

3. BAN.DO Bluetooth Shower Speaker (Retail Value $30 USD)
Okay, say no more… I’m excited for this for obvious reasons. Those obvious reasons would be my daily shower concerts (I know I’m not the only one that does this!). I love listening to music when I shower so this is just ideal. There’s a suction cup on the back of the speaker so you can have it right in your shower! I haven’t tried this yet but my main is: does it actually stay stuck on to your shower wall or will it fall off the wall sometime during the day?

4. Beauty Bakerie Proof is in the Puddin’ Eyeshadow Palette (Retail Value $38 USD) I was really looking forward to this palette since we don’t carry this brand in Canada. On my last trip to NYC, I bought the Beauty Bakerie Flour Setting Powder, and it’s my new favourite setting powder. But the palette was a little disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, it has really nice warm nude tones and shimmers but the formula just felt chalky. From the swatches I did, I could tell that I would need a setting spray to enhance the shimmers and the mattes had to be built up quite a bit. It’s a nice palette, but just not something I would reach for often!

5. Make Up Eraser (Retail Value $20 USD)
I refused to write about this until I tried it out myself so stay tuned… The Makeup Eraser is a “reusable wipe” to remove all makeup (even waterproof) by just adding water. I really appreciate the thought behind this product. If you think about it, not only are we constantly spending money on makeup wipes but we also are contributing a lot of waste by using them.

My typical makeup removing routine is to use a cleansing balm and wipe off the excess with a makeup wipe and then cleanse my skin. It works best for me, but if I can find a product that forces me to skip using a makeup wipe I will! This lead me to trying the makeup eraser, with only water, like it says. I would say it removed 90% of my makeup. It definitely didn’t remove everything but what it did remove impressed me a lot!

6. R+CO Television Shampoo and Conditioner (Retail Value $64 USD)
“Achieve camera-ready hair with this shampoo and conditioner duo, which softens, strengthens, and adds body and shine” – sounds good to me! I use Briogeo’s hair products, typically because I find clean hair products work best for my hair. R+CO is a clean brand so I do have high hopes for this duo.

7. Drybar Pep Rally Prime & Prep Detangler (Retail Value $23 USD)
This is a product I’ve used in the past – I loved it. I didn’t feel like it was necessary to spend so much on a hair detangler so I never repurchased but I will love it and make good use out of it now that I have another one! To give it credit though, it is more than just a detangler - It has biotin, vitamins B and C to nourish the hair and acts as a heat protector as well.

8. Cuccio Somatology Epsom Salt Hand and Body Wash (Retail Value $40 USD)
A lavender oil infused body and hand wash that incorporates physically soothing attributes of Epsom salt sounds like aromatherapy in a bottle. I can imagine using this for a steaming hot shower after a long day and right before bed! (Can you tell I love self-care!?)

9. Extras Besides all these goodies, my box also came with coupon codes and gift cards for a jewelry company, Hello Fresh and a code for my friends to use for $15 off their first box. I can promise you I’m not sponsored, I just love FabFitFun – so I’m going to share my code with you guys to use if you want to get in on the fun also!

My code for you guys is b2-7ctb and it expires 02/28!
Let me know what you think of my box! Are you subscribed to FabFitFun? What are your favourite subscription boxes? Let’s talk about it!

Xo, Pooja
Instagram @poojasharmaxo

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