Raise your hand if you religiously remove your makeup at night and wash your face??

Working in the retail beauty industry for over 20+ years now, it always shocks me when I hear how, why and why not people do not remove or wash off their face at night.

From excuses like I’m too tired, I don’t wear makeup, I don’t have time to wash my face, I don’t even wash my face in the the opposite extreme cleansing, where everything and anything is used like oils, scrubs, masks, devices and acids..and don’t let her me started about home remedies to clean the face. 

I'm hear to tell you that sometimes less is more and stop being so aggressive to your skin! 

Let me introduce you to my 2 step cleansing nightly routine.
Step 1 of my nightly cleansing routine starts off with this amazing balm form No.7. This nourishing cleansing balm is a solid oil that melts all your makeup off, even waterproof makeup. It comes with its own cleansing reusable cloth. 
Enriched with Tri-Vit Complex ( Vitamins A, E and B5) plus Grape seed Oil, this balm leaves the skin ultra clean and hydrated. It does not dry out the skin and it does not leave a oily residue.

I use it on my dry skin in circular motions and with the wet cloth I wipe off my dirt, makeup and day off. 

No.7 nourishing cleansing balm $14 CDN available at Shoppers Drug Mart.
Step 2 consist of La Mousse foaming cleaner from Chanel with my Clarisonic. A little amount of this cleanser foams up to a rich ladder that is gentle and effective to leave my skin feeling so clean. 

La Mousse $53 CDN found at Chanel counters.

So that's my nightly cleaning routine, simple but so easy. My skin loves it and its left feeling so clean and hydrated.

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