Put the Pads Away! Period better with Thinx.

Put the Pads Away! 

Alright, I think we can agree when I say all of us think our periods are the WORST! Not only do you feel cramped up, bloated and uncomfortable in your own body but, it ends up consuming your mind. It’s a traitorous week (more or less) of being constantly distracted of leaking through your pants or debating if it’s time to change your tampon.

In reality, it’s time to turn that stigma around and recognize how powerful our periods are. Periods are a natural part of our reproductive system that allows us to do something so beautiful – create life! Though it is a little bit of an uncomfortable time, Thinx has worked their magic to ease that feeling both physically and mentally.

Thinx is a company that offers people with periods a period-proof underwear. This allows for a back up plan, or a more comfortable and eco-friendly option for that time of the month! The underwear is moisture-wicking, odor controlling and leak resistant, as their website states. They do also have different ranges of absorbency power in various styles.

I hadn’t heard of a brand that had done this before so when I was invited to see their pop up store at Drake General Store I had to see them for myself! After trying out a pair, I can honestly say I am so impressed. I can wear them with an ease of mind knowing that I am protected from leakage and they’re COMFORTABLE!

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly, comfortable alternative to pads and tampons, or a safeguard for heavy flow days…I highly recommend these undies. 

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Thinx Period-Proof Underwear can be found HERE.

Prices of styles varies between $32-$54.

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