"Have you ever met someone for the first time after seeing a photograph of them and thought, "This is not what I expected!" All their features are a match to what you saw in their photographed image and yet, in this moment as you encounter them face to face you instantly begin to perceive who they are beyond their physical appearance. With just the slightest curl of their lip or bend of their brow their face begins to emote and you start tapping in to how they feel, what they might be thinking, if they're happy, kind, or gentle. You start to piece together their personality, their character, and all this happens before they even say a word. As living, breathing, complex multifaceted creatures we each contain thousands of faces we put forward and every millisecond contains a moment of truth to be captured. In person, these milliseconds are all blended together and showcase the greater you. It is a great photographers job to know how to find that millisecond that reflects the best you and capture it. At Caged Photos it is our photographers mission to capture your most honest moments of beauty, and trust us when we say, You'll love what we see in you."*text taken form

Meet the talented artists from Caged Photos this weekend at the Modern Bride Wedding Show and have a complimentary consultation with CAGED PHOTOS to hear your vision first hand and chat about how their expertise can turn your photography needs into Caged memories.

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The Modern Bride Wedding Show is Saturday January 19, 2019 11am to 5pm and Sunday January 20, 2019 11am to 5pm at the Toronto International Centre on Airport rd in Mississauga.

Can't make it to the Modern Bride Wedding Show? Contact CAGED PHOTOS for your complimentary consultation at:

  • 647-274-099 


Born in Chile, Daniel along with his parents, brother, and sister relocated to Toronto Canada when he was 9. This is where he first began to explore the streets that would one day become his lens hunting grounds.

Throughout his early years he took an interest in philosophy and later went on to further develop that interest by attending the University of Toronto where he majored in the subject. Additionally, he decided to take up a photography course where he learned the technical skills to improve on a hobby he had long since been courting.

Pairing his travels with his philosophical studies, he has used photography as a means to portray a truth, often calling it a medium where he can cage beauty. Whether in the face of a person, the skyline of a city, or a swaying branch from a tree,

Daniel's aim is to find the unexpected, unplanned moment, and save it from being forgotten. With a patient tone, reassuring encouragement and natural artistry, Daniel's approach sets the stage for the genuine to occur.
*text taken form

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