Nothing like having amazing clean and cleansed feeling skin!  A simple cleaning device that will clean your skin gently 6 times better than your hands. Your pores will be minimized, your skin will be more radiant, smoother and softer.

The new Clarisonic MIA PRIMA SONIC FACIAL CLEANSING BRUSH will visibly minimized pores, give you a radiant glow, smoother, softer, and more even skin. It will help your skincare products absorb better into your skin, will remove the heaviest of makeup and pollutants hiding in your pores.

The MIA PRIMA is sleeker in design, easier to hold and weighs less the previous designs. It has a light built in to indicate when it is time to change your brush head, and has the technology to adjust the gently sonic cleansing to gradually increase power from a soft start.

Clarisonic Mia Prima is easy to use:

💋wet skin and brush head
💋add cleanser to skin or brush
💋press the button 
💋glide brush over the skin for 60 seconds
💋rinse face with water

The Clarisonic MIA PRIMA SONIC FACIAL CLEANSING BRUSH can interchange different brush heads to compliment any skin types.

I love applying my full coverage foundation with the foundation brush head, it's so soft and buffs the foundation onto my skin. You need to apply a very little amount of foundation onto your skin because this brush really does spread and evenly distributes the foundation. 

I truly cannot go back to cleansing my skin to just my using my hands, I have been using the Clarisonic devices to clean my face for years now and every new updated devices just gets better and better. They always improve the device to do more than just clean your skin, the Clarisonic can also be use to apply makeup, massage in your skin care to eye massagers and skin firming brush heads.

The Clarisonic can be used on the most sensitive skin to the acne prone skin, it stimulates your blood flow and cleans out your pores that your skin will improve. 

Brush heads shown below from left to right: Foundation, contour & highlight blending brush, sensitive skin and normal skin brush heads.
Get your own MIA PRIMA SONIC FACIAL CLEANSING BRUSH at and to find a retailer near you.

*Thank you Clarisonic Canada for the sending the MIA PRIMA SONIC FACIAL CLEANSING BRUSH to test out.

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