2018 A new beginning...

A Reflection on 2017...

Wow what a year it was! Started the year with moving from a job that I was comfortable in for 9 years to a different new role, still in the beauty industry but this time in the medical side of things. It has been a year of learning and challenges but I can truly say I am happy. Plus! a side job with an amazing cosmetic brand has given me the love of makeup back. 

I have met new people that have really changed my life, made new friends that I know I will have for life and ended a 2 year relationship...

I made amazing memories this Summer with my family that I will cherish forever and I will be forever grateful for the all the love I received from everyone, I am truly blessed to have them in my life.

A new member of my extended family has brought us so much joy and I will look forward to seeing him grow..

2017 was a year I will never forget, I will keep those memories deep in my heart and cherish them forever. 


What is coming, you ask? Well thebeautyblog.ca has been dorment for 2017 but It's back!

Back with new content that will include medical skincare care treatments, loads of makeup post for the everyday woman, lifestyle post (which will include concert, book and other surprises) and of course some style. 

So lets begin 2018 together!

Happy New Year! 

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