Do you want extreme volume? Defined and transformed lashes? Full and long lashes?

Lancome's newest addition to their already amazing selection of mascara will give you just that and so much more.

Lancome's  Grandiose Extreme mascara is very unique and has taken over my lashes. The intense black pigment "Noir Extreme" gives you the blackest of black lashes. The smooth formula gives me the most amplified lashes with so much volume, length and definition.

With one coat my lashes are transformed from root to tip, corner to corner, plus the longevity of the wear can take me from morning to night. It claims to have a 24hr wear but I've only worn it for about 15 hours and my lashes looked fabulous!

The high precision “Swan-Neck”wand brush grabs lashes from the roots to tip creating beautiful flared out defined and separated lashes. 

This unique brush is so comfortable to use and the affect of the brush can be easy applied to both eyes, usually "unique" brushes work well on one eye but them you have to maneuver or twist the mascara wand with your hand in some weird position that you cant ever get the same result on both eyes. NOT with the Grandiose Extreme swan neck brush, both eyes will get the same amazing results of long, defined, extreme beautiful full lifted lashes.

Tried and tested!

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