It's that time of year in Toronto where Makeup Artist, makeup junkies, makeup hoarders, bloggers, and makeup lovers come together and spend an CRAZY amount of money on cosmetics. 

The International Makeup Artist Trade Show (IMATS) or (The Show) will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, downtown Toronto, minutes from Union station on Saturday Oct 1 and Sunday Oct 2, 2016.


Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Exhibit hall A &B 
255 Front St W Toronto

Saturday October 1, 2016 9AM to 5PM
Sunday October 2, 2016 10AM to 5PM

One-day ticket$45* weekend bundle $85*
At the door:
One-day ticket $50*weekend bundle $88*
*Pro-Card Members receive discounted tickets
**Tickets may sell out prior to the show, and may not be available at the door.

Saturday General Admission tickets are Sold Out and will not be sold at the door.

This will be my 9th time attending IMATS and these are my tips for you to enjoy the show:

- get there early, shop early. Best selection of everything is Saturday morning. Most vendors bring a limited supply of products, so if you are looking for something specific make sure once you see it, buy it!

2016 UPDATE: this is still true, especially if you want MUFE products, lashes and highly popular items that are on trend like Morphe, the lineup was at least 2-3 hours long last year.

Sunday seems to be less hectic and most of the industry professionals tend to attend Sunday..its become our own Toronto industry pro day.

- do make a list of what you want to buy because you might become overwhelmed and buy everything and overspend

2016 UPDATE: do still look around and check out new products, many hidden gems can be found at those both that don't seem busy.

- do bring cash! debit machines are limited. Also, try not to use your credit card. ALL for the exception of a few vendors, if you use your credit card its charged in US $, yup so ask 1st!

2016 UPDATE: vendors are being more Canadian friendly and are charging in Cdn dollars now BUT sales tax is now added! Some don't add the tax so heads up!

- if MUFE is on your list, check out a MUFE counter before the show and know what you want. Have it all written down on a separate piece of paper to hand to the MUA working the MUFE booth. You will move faster in the line and wont waste time standing around writing and seeing what you want.

2016 UPDATE: This is still 150% true and it gets worse every year.

- wear comfortable clothes and shoes! You WILL be walking and standing around for most of the day

2016 UPDATE: It gets super hot in there, so yeah, wear light clothing. no coat check 

- If you can, bring some snacks or pack a lunch. Nothing worse than spending major $ on overprice food

- bring a large water bottle! Makeup shopping can be very dehydrating!

- Do introduce yourself to vendors, tell them you are a makeup artist and/or beauty blogger and see what deals they might have for you and even freebies you can get, you will be surprised.

- Bring business cards, hand them out to everyone..the industry is very small and you never know who or what opportunities can happen.

2016 UPDATE: looks like self promotion at IMATS has taken it to another level, last few years I've seen full on promo teams with logos on t shirts promoting their blogs, makeup services etc.

- attend the lectures, listen to the guest speakers and don't miss out on the battle of the brushes, you will always learn something. ALWAYS


- smile! please for the love of makeup don't be one of those "I'm a Makeup Artist or I'm a Beauty Blogger" snotty attitude! my pet peeve!

2016 UPDATE: Vloggers and Youtubers are the worst for this, and sadly to say some Bloggers are walking around with "I'm better than you attitude" 


- introduce yourself to everyone, even if you have met them before, you will be meeting so many people and it can get confusing to keep track of names.

Lastly, if you see me please say HI! and please forgive me if I don't remember your name, I'm so bad at names!  SEE, this is why you need to introduce yourself.

see you at IMATS!


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  1. Did you just call out some of the people in the network you're also in for having a "better than you attitude"? That's disappointing to see. :(

  2. Hey, Chelle!

    I don't think that Ande was trying to call anyone out specifically. She didn't use names (not even anyone's initials!) nor did she insinuate that she was speaking of anyone in any network. She did mention blogs and YouTube as vehicles, but that could literally mean anyone - with any affiliation.

    I think Ande was just saying that people should lose the attitude. She's run into people with superiority complexes, and that's unattractive to her. There's nothing wrong with calling a spade a spade!

    Humble Pie is the best dessert. It's 100% calorie-free, delicious, and you can have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

    Have an awesome day!!