REVIEW: L'OREAL Feria Smokey Pastels Haircolour

Just when I decide to go darker and grow out my hair...L'OREAL PARIS launches the FERIA Smokey Pastels haircolours! 

So, what does a girl do? Well, most girls would just imagine their hair that way and dream BUT not me! I could not get home soon enough to bleach out my hair and put this on my hair! 

If you follow me on Instagram you would know I am not one to shy away from experimenting with haircolour and bleach for that matter. 

The hardest part of this process for me was choosing which pastel colour to go with 1st?? 

3 FERIA Smokey Pastel colours to choose from
  • Smokey PINK (P2)
  • Smokey LAVENDER (P12)
  • Smokey BLUE (P1)
I went with the Smokey LAVENDER..Now, if you are going to try these new pastel colours, you need to lift (bleach) your haircolour to the lightest shade possible..(REMEMBER! I am not a professional hairstylist and if you never have lighten your hair, see a pro 1st! I have been doing my own hair for years and know what my hair can handle)

If you don't lift your colour, you will not achieve the look of pastels...if you have light blonde hair then this will be perfect for you.
Now, onto the actual colour...This new Feria Smokey Pastel hair colouring system is unique and so different from any other bright colour hair colouring products. 

The L'OREAL PARIS FERIA haircolour kit contains a shimmering conditioning colour creme that you mix with a shimmering conditioning developer creme. All the bright "funky" colours I have used, are always a highly pigmented one step colour creme which fades with every wash, and with every wash you will have bleeding of the colour. 
NOT this Smokey Pastel mix, it was white in colour and once applied it slowly started get brighter and brighter. Plus, the hair colour rinsed out easily and no hair colour bleeding! 

My towel did not have any stains from the colour! 
This is a permament hair colour! it hardly fades. 

The end result for me is this beautiful lavender silver colour, my hair feels amazing due to the after colour power shimmering conditioner that seals in the colour that leaves your hair so soft and shiny. 
My hair looks duo chrome...its very unique and different from any other colours I have ever used!

I love it and absolutley recommended this L'OREAL FERIA SMOKEY PASTELS HAIRCOLOUR!

Next..I will try the Smokey blue :P

Available now
SRP $15,99


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  1. Where did you pick this up in Canada, it appears won't ship from the US?

  2. I just picked up smokey pink and the blue from shopper's drug mart in Victoria

  3. I got the Pink last night from Shoppers Drug Mart in Victoria. I did not previously bleach or lighten my hair. My natural hair colour is light auburn with streaks of ultra blonde (I've just turned 39 so my red hair is now turning strawberry wheat) Let me tell you this Pink, IT IS GORGEOUS!!! It is not as bright as our lovely blogger's (because of the non-bleaching) but it has naturally Ombre'ed down my hair getting deeper pink as it gets towards my curls (Perm from February 2015 - ya I know...trim!) My fresh roots have shifted this awesome colour of golden Rose Gold. I LOVE IT!

    This morning we got my husband to try the Blue. His hair is thick dirty blonde with silver and white (He's now 43) Again we did not bleach or lighten his hair. IT ALSO LOOKS AMAZING!!! The blue took to his grey like a magnet, his whites are absolutely pastel blue, his grey a blue toned silver and his dirty blonde remained the same. So now when his hair moves in the light you get subtle blue flashes. It's a great product.

    I hope they expand with a Peach!

  4. I did the pink & it is adorable, I got it at Walmart for $9!!

  5. It never took just made the blonde blonder and made my hair look like shit

  6. I'm going to try the blue one. It will probably come out looking grey.

  7. I'm going to try Smokey Blue. I've been trying to get that white and blue blend for a long time. Figured I'd put white bleach on my hair, then go over it with a pastel blue and a silver dye. I don't have to now. Only just discovered that new pastel dye earlier today. I'll cross my fingers that the Smokey Blue colour, will save me from having to colour my hair the long way round :)

  8. How long does the colour last?

  9. I used the Smokey Blue Pastel from L'oreal Feria, and it failed miserably, I have a youtube video up about it,

  10. I did my research and found out that the Smokey blue can turn your hair purple. I didn't allow it to stay long in my hair and now it came out patchy. Where it did dye, it looks amazing. I'm gonna dye it again and hopefully it will make all of my hair bluish silver.