This past weekend in Toronto, it was all about makeup! IMATS, International Makeup Artist Trade Show took place at the convention centre downtown Toronto, Saturday Sept 26 & Sunday 27. 
I attended Saturday and like always, the Show was overwhelming.  So many vendors, so much makeup, tools, brushes and people.

This time around IMATS Toronto was held at HALL C in the Convention Centre, which felt much bigger due to the openness of the space. 
IMATS was sold out on Saturday and it did feel very crowded and this was my 7th time attending IMATS and it felt overwhelming. 

OK, lets get into it..

  • We are lucky that we have IMATS in Toronto, or else we would have to travel to NYC, LA...
  • The amount of people that attend and how much people buy, I'm sure IMATS will continue to be held in Toronto year after year...
  • Small cosmetic brands have the chance to showcase and sell their wonderful and innovate products to makeup artist enthusiast and junkies
  • Great location and very accessible by train, bus, car and public transportation 
  • Amazing opportunity to network and meet other working Makeup Artist 
  • Purchase pro tools at a good price
  • Get to see makeup community friends 
  • Amazing Battle of the Brushes competion
  • Exceptional lectures and presentations from PRO's 
  • No pro night in Toronto
  • no one attending the lectures 
  • Battle of the Brushes competition being totally ignored by most of attendants, I guess standing in the line to buy NYX was a better way to learn
  • The YouTube and instagram effect in full affect - sold out banana powder and Sigma cleansing matt...
  • Vendors still charging in US $ if you use Debit or Credit Cards
  • 3 hour wait to get to the MORPHE booth
  • 2 hour wait for MUFE
  • Local and non YouTube famous brands booths with hardly interest from the masses
  • deals where OK not great
  • Why have a booth and give only a small sample mascara if you buy 2 products and no discount?? I'm looking at you NARS
great selection like always at IMATS
Very few attended the lectures and demos from top industry PRO's
Mandatory picture in front of IMATS banner
Ande & Marcela

This has to be my smallest IMATS haul ever! 
From top left:
1. 10 pairs of half lashes from Cici cosmetics $1 each
2. $1.50 liner brush, $3.50 small under eye brush Cici Cosmetics
3. $5 Stillazi rubber mascara wands
4. Generic synthetic brushes 8 for $15 Cici Cosmetics (the same identical sigma brushes, just no logo)
5. Orange/peach concealer $10 and Twilight under eye setting powder (yellow toned) $10 JORDANE
6. Pure lust extreme matte tint by Cailyn $20
7. Lash Glue by True Glue $10
Total Spent = $85 
A record for me! I did have a budget for $300..


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  1. Haha the NARS booth has always been a joke since it's essentially HBC. There was actually a Pro Card night on Friday this year!
    I agree on all fronts, no one was sitting at the sessions (except Jordan Liberty on the last day.) No one cared about the beautiful artistry and SFX makeup and everyone was buying out contour palettes and banana powder.
    But for me, I loved that there was no big line at Lip Bar, Violet Voss and Beauty So Clean. I got to talk to the people running each booth for awhile!


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