We are almost at the end of Summer and September is just around the corner. 
September always feels like a new year, new beginnings, time for a change. 

If you've been following my Instagram and blog for a while, you know I like to experiment with hair colour. My mother constantly is telling me "one of these days, your hair is going to fall off!" And you know what? She was right! While changing my hair colour, I left hair bleach on for too long and when I went to wash the bleach hair was like cotton candy! It was fried and it just fell off. 

My hair was uneven, so damaged and it felt awful.  I called my hairdresser ASAP for an emergency cut. 

Kylee, (my hair saver) even out and cut my hair to the shortest possible and I let it be for about 3 weeks. I used hair masks, oils and major hair treatments for damaged hair. 

So, I've decided to give my scalp and hair a break from bleaching and decided for now to go from blonde hair to black hair. 

It wouldn't be an Ande hair colour story without doing a major change, so I decided I wanted to go the blackest black.  I love black pixie hair and also black hair box dye is the hardest to lift and or bleach out. So, it's a long term commitment to have black hair...wish me luck! 

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