L'OREAL COLOUR RICHE PRESS-ON NAILS looks and feels like real nails and provides a quick nail statement.  I

Canadian Exclusive, 8 new avant-garde press on nails designed by Tom Bachik, L'Oreal Paris Global Nail Designer.
*One of the top “Man”-icurists in the world, Tom Bachik is also one of the nation’s most sought-after nail professionals among the fashion industry and celebrity elite. Known as “The Rad Manicurist,” Tom has an amazing ability to create nail designs that are original and stunning, time and time again. Victoria Beckham, Jessica Simpson, Anne Hathaway, Heidi Klum, Eva Longoria, BeyoncĂ©, Gwen Stefani, and Jennifer Lopez are some of the A-list celebrities who call on Tom to perfect their manis and pedis.
 *Tom Bachik description text taken from lorealparisusa,com

Achieve in just minutes instant perfect nails with major glamour, edge and artistic flare.  L'OREAL COLOUR RICHE PRESS-ON NAILS are made with ultra fine and flexible materials which adapts perfectly onto your nails.

The non damaging, non abrasive and non messy adhesive will ensure your L'OREAL COLOUR RICHE PRESS-ON NAILS will last up to 7 days and/or can be easily removed.

How to apply:

1. Clean and wash hands thoroughly.
2. Select correct size of press-on nail for each finger.
3. Apply adhesive stickers slightly smaller than each natural nail. Peel off backing.
4. Apply press-on nails then press down the middle and down each side firmly.
5. For best wear, press down on nails a few times and avoid contact with water for the first hour.
These L'OREAL COLOUR RICHE PRESS-ON NAILS are a amazing for when you have no time for a manicure or for those special occasions when you want to make a statement. 

I wore the Divine Feline for a few days but unfortunately, had to remove them because of work. I received so many compliments and sold quite a few from just showing them off to my customers.
They felt comfortable and did not feel that pressure of the glue you usually feel when wearing other press on nails. 

These will be great for the upcoming Prom and Wedding season!

The different designs covers all trends, from the red and black #201 Divine Feline to the most pastel delicate #205 High tea to the classic #206 Nude Muse. 

Different styles, colours, different lengths and nail shapes make it fun to change it up. 

L'OREAL COLOUR RICHE PRESS-ON NAILS are available now exclusively at SDM and will be available in June in all mass and drugstores across Canada. 

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