Last Wednesday, I attended the advance screening of Fifty Shades of Grey courtesy of Makeup Forever Canada,  I was extremely excited to see it. 

Yes, I'm a fan of the books and yes, I loved the movie interpretation. Now, if you aren't a fan or think it's just a mommy sex book or a story about an abusive relationship and you don't like it, stop reading this post right now and move on...you have been warned because my thought and opinion will be all praises and love for this movie. Oh and All negative, rude, and I'm offended comments will be deleted.

Mr. Grey will see you now... let's start with a a little history of Fifty shades. 

I'm not sure if you knew this, but, this story started as a Twilight fan fiction. Yes, the original main characters were Bella and Edward...so that's Bella Swan is Anastasia Steele and yup, you guessed it Edward Cullen is Christian Grey. So instead of Grey enterprises it's Cullen enterprises...

I'm a huge twihard and read this fan fiction years ago and I'm sure if you are search savvy you will still find it online somewhere...Master of the Universe was a Twilight Saga fanfiction that evolved into the Fifty Shades trilogy. It was written by EL James under the pen name Snowqueens Icedragon.
(I tried finding a link but it looks like all have been removed or take down) so let me know in the comments below if you find it.

If you read the Twilight books and the Fifty shades of Grey books you will notice a lot of similarities with both main characters physical features, characteristics and the instant love and attraction for each other.

**Spoilers ahead!!**

OK, so the movie interpretation was pretty close to the 1st book of this trilogy, it was witty, intense and tastefully done. 

Dakota Johnson was exceptional as Ana, she is charming and makes you love, feel and want more of her on the screen. She has a beautiful body and steals every scene.

Jamie Dornan seems to struggle a bit with the AMERICAN accent but portrays Christian Grey well, the only thing that I was disappointed was his hair, I visioned Christian's hair like Robert Pattinson "Edward" hair. 

While watching the movie, I found that people laughed at the times when things where said sexually and made you feel awkward "I don't make love, I fuck" for example.

The sex scenes where tastefully done and you got the idea of what went on between Ana and Christian but you never see the climax, you see Ana exhausted, Christian carrying her to her bed but never "the happy ending" for both of them. 

The secondary cast was OK and didn't have much screen time so not much to see about them until the next one.  I was disappointed that Taylor was not portrayed as the book, I mean you kinda fall for him too while reading the book and I pictured him younger and more handsome. 

I honestly can't wait to see the next one! Fifty Shades of Darker, book 2 is my favourite of the trilogy. 

OK so for you haters that have read this far, have you actually read the books?? You know Ana never signs the contract, she never does anything she doesn't want to do, she ends up freeing Christian from his haunted past, Christian ends up being the submissive one and ends up kneeling before Ana. Oh major spoiler ahead...yes, they get married and end up having kids...just like Bella and Edward..insert happy face here. 

Laters baby! 

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