Welcome to: What's in my freelance makeup kit Wednesday, each week on Wednesday,  I will be sharing with you a sneak peak into my pro makeup kits. As you will see, my kits consist of high end prestige products, professional products and "drugstore" mass products. 

I will share with you the products that I have tried, tested and repurchased for my kits. I say "kits" because depending on the job, my kit changes. I have a corporate kit, a bridal kit, a men kit, grooming kit, skincare kit....you get the point. 

1st up, Annabelle stay sharp self sharpening lip and eye crayons:
  • waterproof
  • long lasting
  • self sharpening (lead shavings are kept inside the cap)
  • Kohl pencil safe for the waterline, 
  • highly pigmented
  • smooth application just glides on
  • retail for $9.95
These self sharpening pencils are amazing. Truly so easy to work with, They are smooth enough that the pencil glides on the eyes without pulling on the eye but not so smooth that you are afraid the product will run or smudge. Once these pencils set, they do not move.  Great basic colours to have in any kit.

The lip pencils work amazing as a base for extra long wear, especially for brides.  I love the nude shades to neutralize the tones on the lips.

Did you know Annabelle and Marcelle cosmetics offer a professional makeup artist discount of 40% off their products? 

For more info on this pro discount go HERE
This program was set up to offer 40% discounts to our professional makeup artist partners on all regular Marcelle and Annabelle products offered online. This program is only open to graduate makeup artists who currently generate income from artistry jobs from across Canada and the United States. The discount is not available for in-store purchases and only applies to regular items; limited-edition products are excluded. 
To apply for this discount, we invite you to subscribe by sending your request to the following email address: prodiscount@groupemarcelle.com.
text above taken form annabelle.ca

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