My soft black rolling makeup kit

Over my 17 years of working as a Makeup Artist, I have gone through many makeup cases. I remmenber my 1st case being a silver metal tool box, then a traditional silver makeup case to the silver (metal monster) tall train case with drawers, that seemed and looked like "yes, I do makeup" but in reality was a huge heavy pain to log around. 

Then, for years I used a scrapbook soft case, that I bought from Michaels for $44 and loved it. It was hollow and my clear makeup bags fit perfectly. Over the years, the handles broke and the Velcro straps that held it closed lost their strength. It got very dirty but the body and wheels where still good. 

So, this year at Imats Toronto, I was on a mission to get myself a new soft case. I looked at many that had drawers but from my experience I knew in theory, drawers seem a good idea but in reality not so much. 

I saw many Mua enthusiast at IMATS buying the metal monster now disguised in black not silver and I wanted to stop them all and say noooo don't buy it, but hey, you live and learn..,,and who knows maybe they will have better luck with it than me.

I even considered buying the Zuca backpack but I since I've had a bad experience with the Zuca and plus I've been hearing bad reviews I opted no. 

I ended up buying this soft black case with 360 degree 4 wheeling system that holds up to 3 large clear makeup bags in the main compartment, plus with the removable hard tray, an additional large clear makeup bag will fit or multiple smaller clear bags.  It has 2 side pockets that can hold brushes or pencils and/or tools. 

Over the years, I've learned that I don't have to have a big flashy makeup case and I have condensed 
my products to fill 4 large clear makeup bags. I do have a small clear set bag that carries my necessary  products like paper towels, tissues, hand sanitizer, brush cleaner...etc 

  • High quality nylon finished and can be used as a carry on
  • 360 degree 4-wheels rolling system
  • Heavy duty handle for added comfort and mobility
  • Sturdy and spacious 
  • Retractable handle 
  • Clear bag for accessories with Velcro system under the top lid
  • Removable top case opens to reveal a large hollow space and 2 extendable trays
  • Bottom case opens to a large hollow space that fits 3 large makeup clear pouches/bags
  • Special compartment for a Ipad or brush belt
  • Two side pockets to hold up to many brushes
  • Two mesh pockets on the sides
  • Removable/adjustable padded shoulder strap

Large clear makeup bag...I love them. Keeps everything organized and the clear top makes it easy access to my products. They are easy to clean. 

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