thebeautyblog.caBlue, red, fuschia, purple, vibrant coloured hair has been a major trend for a few years now and after trying out many different products to get the right blue and to achieve colour longevity, we have finally found it!                                             This is Christina and she's been sporting blue hair for about 2 years now...she has gone through many shades of blue.  She has tried everything from box dyes, vegetable dyes, temp( leave in your hair for hours) temp colour and was always happy with the initial result until she washed her hair and most of the colour would rinse off. Until...we found splat!                                                                                                                                          Last 2013 Halloween, we stumbled onto a floor display at our local drugstore and purchase a few boxes of Splat Blue Envy hair colour.  The kit includes bleach, gloves, colour and instructions.Christina's hair is very thick and she has a lot of we needed 2 boxes for her hair. To get the most vibrant blue possible, you need to use the bleach to remove all pigment from your hair.  You need to get your hair to lift to a pale yellow and yes this will damage your hair. Do a test strand before if you never ever bleached your hair to see how long and how your hair will react to bleach. The bleach that comes in this splat kit is poutten and lifts colour's awesome.
Next, wash out the bleach completely. We like to use shampoo and apply a deep conditioner overnight to get the hair back its moisture and prevent so much damage.  We usually do this in the evening and the next day apply the colour. You can apply the colour right after, this is how we do it. 

Next is the Splat blue envy hair colour, we rinse out the conditioner and towel dry the hair. This next step is a must with splat: apply a thick layer of Vaseline around your hairline and neck to prevent your skin from turning blue! Your skin will stain and remain blue for days if you don't do this! Believe me...we learned this the hard way. 

Christina leaves in the splat blue envy hair colour in for at least an hour, then rinses until water runs almost clear. The water will always have a blue light tint because EVERYTIME you wash your hair the colour will bleed and fade BUT SPLAT WILL maintain its vibrancy for at 4-6 weeks. The colour is beautiful, vibrant and such a beautiful blue.

EVERYTIME we are out Christina gets stopped and asked "where did you get your hair done?" Or "I love your hair!" 

Christina hair has been bleached and keeps putting on the blue envy. It fades to a light blue to a silver shade. This picture is before and with splat faded out.

This picture was taken with flash to capture the vibrancy of the blue! Her roots are a deep blue/black since that is all regrowth and has not bleached that section of the hair.

The only down side of splat blue envy is that this shade is so hard to find at the retailers that carry Splat...looked for it everywhere. You can order it online at but I checked the site today and it's sold out. I was lucky to be sent one as per my request via farleyco PR.

Check out to order and to see tips and answers to some frequently asked questions regarding splat  Q&A here

Splat Blue Envy hair colour SRP $14.99

Christina with some of the members of her favourite band Neck Deep
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