It's that time of year, Halloween,,,dressing up in a naughty or nice alternative you...This year, I opted for the uber most popular...Sugar Skull. This look is so simple but very effective, only 10 makeup products used to create this day of the dead look.  Let's learn a little about what this Mexican holiday is all about..
 "Day of the Dead is an interesting holiday celebrated in central and southern Mexico during the chilly days of November 1 & 2. Even though this coincides with the Catholic holiday called All Soul's & All Saint’s Day, the indigenous people have combined this with their own ancient beliefs of honoring their deceased loved ones."
read all about it here on mexicansugarskull.com

The costume breakdown
I wore a dress I had from the summer, lace sweater top, black chandelier earrings, black fishnet tights, black suede booties.and a flower crown. The crown I made with a thick large head band that had a spider web design and I hot glued on one big rose with 2 big red flowers and some black leaves that came with black roses that I did not use, everything was bought at Dollarama.

The Makeup breakdown
1. I primed my face with Smashbox classic iol free primer.
2. Using Annabelle cosmetic Stay sharp twist eye pencil in Go black I mapped out my eyes. Drew the round eye socket so I had a guide line.
3. Used Dermablend fluid corrective foundation #15, which you see its just a little too light for me...all over my face and down my neck.
4. Filled in the eye socket with Maybelline leather Tattoo dramatic black
5. Using Annabelle cosmetics Stay sharp twist lip pencil in Glam red, I filled in all my lips, drew in a heart on my forehead, a small half flower on my chin and drew in my flower petals around my black eye sockets, filled them in with the Glam red pencil.
6. Using Annabelle cosmetics Stay sharp twist eye pencil again, I put in a few design lines on my forehead, drew a heart on the tip of my nose, drew in my teeth and added some hallow to my cheeks. On the cheeks, I smudged the liner immediately because once those liners set they do not move!
7. I used L'Oreal infallible shadow in Eternal black and set my eyes, its a deep black shadow with silver shimmer. I pat it on with a flat shadow brush.
8. Use INGLOT's loose pigment 54 to set the red flower petals around my eyes, around my eyes, heart on forehead, flower on chin and lips. Also, used this pigment to the sides of my cheeks on top of the black liner AND used REVLON skinny liquid liner to harden the black lines.
9. Used  L'Oreal infallible shadow in Eternal black down the sides of my neck and around my temples, forehead, chin, and ears.
10. Set the whole thing with Dermablend setting powder.

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