FASHION: A GREAT START AT WALMART FALL 2014 ESSENTIALS..building a wardrobe after major weightloss

Thanks to Walmart Canada, I have started to build my new Fall wardrobe, we are all in that "back to school" back to regular schedules and of course thinking Fall mode. 

You can always count on Walmart to have all the current trends at affordable competitive prices. If you have a budget for yourself or for your kids you can shop with ease and within your budget. 

For me, as you might not know, the last year has been a very life changing year. I've lost over 130lbs and my clothes from last Fall have been all donated because I'm a size 9 (Medium) now and last Fall I was a 2x size 20-22. So, it's time to build my Fall essentials. 
I mean I literal have to buy everything from underwear, bras, socks to pants, tops, and everything between. 

If you follow me on Instagram or twitter (which you should btw) you would of followed my live sweets and pictures of all the awesomeness I found at Walmart! 

So, let's take a look at my purchases...Walmart Canada was awesome enough to send me a $50 Gift card to help me get started...thank you Walmart!
This tshirt is so soft and comfortable, you can find it in multiple colours.  The pants are stretchy and thick, they are a part legging and part pants, they have a great silver zipper detail on both sides of the front of the pants.
My fav purchase has to be the oh so comfortable George wedge booties, they are so pretty! I fell in love with a few boots...I might just have to go back and get me a few other styles. 

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