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Do you self tan? I started to a few years ago, "you know the sun really ages you" someone said to me once...and I started to be more cautious when it came to "tanning" 

During My teenage years I remember laying out on the beach getting my tan on, applying coke, yup coke! On my skin to help me get golden...hey everybody did it. (Don't judge) ok judge, I'm judging myself as I type this...ok back to self tanning.

Well,  we all know the basic of self tanning, remove hair (wax, shave, cream) exfoliate, moisturize, then apply your self tanner of choice. 
Did you know, what you eat also can affect the end colour of your self tan? If you eat very acidic foods, your ph level can be high and can affect your end result. So try to stay away from acidic foods a few days before you self tan and while your colour is processing..

Ok, now on to the product of the day, St. Tropez is truly an amazing product. The application mit makes it so easy to apply the product. I use the mousse, it also comes in a lotion and spray. 
St, Tropez self tanning mousse has a pleasant scent but note the colour of the mousse is a bit grey and brown mix, at first I thought my product was "bad" but rest asure it's suppost to be that colour. 
Like I said before, the MIT (sold separately) helps to apply th mousse easily and evenly. A little goes a long way, only one big egg size of the mousse can cover an arm. 

The mousse dries quickly, in about 10 minutes. The instructions advices you to do this at night, sleep and wake up with the most beautiful tan. I do this in the morning...I like to see my skin gradually get darker and golden throughout the day.  

EVERYTIME I self tan with the St. Tropez self tanning mousse, I get major compliments and get asked oh you go away somewhere? Nope, just self tanned! 

Ok,  you ask would this work on pale, light skin? Yup, my co workers love this product also, it looks so natural on them.  
Don't get me started on how beautiful darker skin looks with this self tanner, it's gives dark skin the most beautiful golden glow.

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