Yes the hype about this new gel liner is all true. 
 It's easy to apply, it's different from any other liner out there, it's extremely black, it's glides on smooth and the rubber application hugs your lashes for a very close eyeliner. 
Now, if you struggle with creating a perfect wing liner, you will still struggle with the benefit they're real push up pen. You still need to take your time to apply, you still need to get them both at the same angle and length, this liner will not give you an instant amazing Line. The gel once it's dry, it's set for good. This formula is extremely waterproof. You need a waterproof or heavy duty remover to remove. 
But! If you are looking for a liner for your special occasion like wedding or like I used it on my clients for prom. It's perfect! Extremely long wearing, easy to apply...well you know the rest. Available now $29

Oh and yup Benefit also released a remover with this product, it's quite good. Gentle and effective. $22

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