NAIL HQ Nail care treatments from England now available in Canada. Nail treatments developed by experts for your natural nails. 

These treatments are formulated to nourish, strengthen, and revive your natural nails. Formulated with the highest quality ingredients like hydrolyzed collagen, argan oil and keratin proteins.

The NAIL HQ  line consist of the following and are available at drugstores and at www.farleyco.ca
  • Gel Top Coat $7.99 
  • Base Coat $7.99
  • Ridge Filler $9.99
  • Hardener $9.99
  • Strengthener $9.99
  • Growth $9.99
  • Cuticle Oil $9.99
  • All In One $11.99
  • Protect and Repair $9.99

Farleyco.ca sent me the NAIL HQ Ridge Filler and the All in One treatment and thank you Farleyco.ca! These came at the most appropriate time. My nails where in need of a heavy duty treatment, I had just removed my acrylic naisl and my natural nails where a disaster. My nails where so thin, weak, and full of ridges due to wearing acrylic nails that they where literally paper thin and hurt to touch. I couldn't even type because my nail beds hurt :(

I received these nail treatments last Friday and as soon as I got them I applied them to my nails. I first applied the ridge filler and that alone gave new life to my nails and made my nails look healthier. The pink hue of the filler is lovely and makes the nails so beautiful. The formula provided amazing hydration and conditioning to my nails and felt instant relief to my brittle nails. 

I applied the All in One treatment next and my nails felt stronger instantly, the mineral complex gave my nails more moisture and condition them to be less brittle. I have noticed a huge change to my nails these past 4 days with these 2 treatments alone. The combination of these 2 treatments have giving life back to my nails and they look like healthy natural nails, they have even grown faster than usual!

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