Finally, Matte lipsticks that are moisturizing, long lasting, ultra matte, velvety, silky with a comfortable texture that wont dry out your lips.

9 shades
  1. Glacage
  2. Sundae
  3. Almond cake
  4. Red velvet
  5. Cake pop
  6. Zinfandel
  7. Pumpkin pie
  8. Cassis (my fav)
  9. Granita
These lipsticks contain key ingredients to achieve this fabulous long lasting velvety formula.

Beeswax: helps lips maintain moisture and gives that soft and comfortable texture to the lipsticks
Vegetal Waxes: emollient properties give the lips that soft smooth look
Vitamin E: hydrates the lips by increasing the water level of the skin giving the lips a soft and smooth look. Also help the colour to stay true for hours.
Micro Spheres: high percentance of powder micro pigment for a smooth silky velvety finish


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