I was approached by the lovely Mary from Natali Products for an opportunity to be introduced to A site dedicated to the working beauty professional. 

They carry everything from skincare products, furniture, spa equipment to cosmetics. 

A great range of  foundations, cake powders, body paint, tools, great custom palettes of lips, eyes and face products. A true professionals dream. 

Mary suggested I try out Cinecitta Cosmetics, a Pro film Italian makeup company. I opted to try out the contour cream, a lipstick, blush and under eye concealer. 

Natali Products can be ordered online or you can visit their showcase room at 1181 Finch Ave West, Unit 8, Toronto.

ABOUT Natali Products

Dynamic and passionate best describe Natali Products. Since 1992, we’ve provided spa essentials as well as esthetic and beauty supplies for industry professionals to help you address the needs of your clients.

Stay on the Pulse of the Beauty & Esthetics Industry

We carry a generous selection of world-class professional skincare, high-quality makeup, reliable equipment and more including:
Phyto Sintesi skincare products
Rosa Graf skincare lines
Cinecitta cosmetics
Spa equipment and furniture (e.g. manicure tables, chairs, etc.)
Manicure pedicure supplies
China Glaze, Essie & Duri nail polish collections
Waxing supplies
Thousands of esthetician supplies

Our Commitment to You

While the cutting-edge esthetics supplies we carry speak volumes about our discerning eye for quality, it’s our commitment to customer service that shows our passion.
We’re dedicated to our customers, and we offer continuous training, consultation, technical support and repairs. Making sure that you’re satisfied is always our priority.
When you need the latest and greatest esthetician supplies or spa supplies, check out Natali Products.
We’d love to hear from you, and we’re always happy to help you turn your business into a great success!

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ABOUT Cinecitta Cosmetics
Starting as a professional makeup supplier to film studios, Cinecitta is now one of the world’s leading makeup lines. Cinecitta Makeup offers high-quality, cutting-edge products to suit everyone, and its wide range of colours allows every woman to express her own unique individuality.


My favourite product from the Cinecitta products I tested has to be the contour cream. This little pot is very smooth, creamy and very pigmented. A gentle hand is needed to apply this cream because a little goes a long way. The colour is a soft muted brown grey that blends in nicely and can be used all skintones, adjust with the amount of product for each skintone, fair tones very lightly to dark tones apply heavy.
The cream dries to a powder finish and dries not too quickly that you can work with it enough to blend in to a natural contour but it can also give a dramatic affect to your contour if you really layer it on. It does not turn muddy if you do layer it on, which is great when touch ups are needed for shoots.

Shading Touch Cream Contour

This blush is sooooooooooo pigmented its crazy. I loaded up my brush way to much with this product and I had colour for days! A very light hand is needed with these blushes. Honestly, the pigment is insane. The texture is smooth and velvety, its just the pigment is so strong that you need to baby touch this powder to get the colour on your cheeks.

Another amazing pigmeneted product, This #69 lipstick is long lasting and moisturizing. Its a true blue tone red thats a classic. A must have in any Makeup Artist kit. 

Lifting Concealer

Quick and simple application with this lifting concealer. Its very rich and moisturizing, covers minimal dark circles and brightens the under eye area. Great for highlighting!

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  1. Hi Ande!

    We're thrilled to see that you've enjoyed the makeup, and the look you've created is simply fabulous and you!

    Thank you for going the extra mile to collaborate with Natali Products - it has been a total pleasure, and we would love to partner with you again in the near future.

    Seeing passionate industry professionals like you inspires us!