Moroccan, my shine by Herbal Essences has to be one of my daughters favourite combination of shampoo and conditioner.  She loves the way her hair feels and smells when she uses Moroccan my Shine. The fragrance is a bit fruity, with citrus, apple and berry notes with some floral notes of roses and lilies.

As you can see below, Camila has very long hair. Her hair texture is thin but she has alot! She wants her hair longer and longer....and

Moroccan my shine helps her hair stay strong with the argan oil, the vitamins and fatty acids found in argan oil moisturize and nourish her hair wonderfully.

Camila has a natural wave and because of this nasty cold winter and home heating, she gets the frizzes and because of her length, her hair lacks moisture, especially at the ends. 

We use Pantene Keragloss Oil mist, we spray a few pumps of this magic oil on her damp hair before blow drying her hair. Once dried, we also spray a few light coats of the oil on her bottom half of her hair to give it extreme shine and more moisture.  

Her hair is beautiful and it shines and shines for days.  Her hair moves and flows so nicely and maintains it tangle free.

Once a week, Camila has been using Honey, I'm strong to deep condition and keep her hair long and strong and with no split ends. 

Next hair product review, we will see what Camila uses to have awesome waves and curls for days!

MOROCCAN MY SHINE with 100% Moroccan argan oil extract
bask in the afterglow of shiny hair. our nourishing formula has a touch of Morocco's legendary argan oil and leaves hair seductively soft and shiny. revitalize dull hair and protect from future damage while restoring your natural glow.

HONEY, I'M STRONG tell damage to buzz off. treat your locks to a rinse-off treatment that helps to protect each hair strand to make your hair 10x stronger* in just one wash.


PANTENE KERAGLOSS OIL MIST blended with rare oils, including argan, jojoba, and sesame. Our advance keratin repair formula wraps hair in a protective layer and restores a smooth, radiant shine.

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