Hello everyone! This post is all about you and me....

ME:  4 Makeup Artist bloggers which includes moi,  have been chosen to participate in an exciting contest by Canadian Makeup brand JORDANE COSMETICS 

JORDANE  has asked us 4 to choose 4 eye shadows from their collection and create a smokey eye look. 

I decided on shadows #91, #809, #807 and #35.  

The chosen winner will get to name her signature smokey eye palette, be interviewed and be featured in the JORDANE COSMETICS website.

YOU:  Once all four smokey eye looks are up on the JORDANCE website head over and vote! vote! vote!

The winner will receive 50 custom smokey eye palettes to give away to their readers, that's YOU! 

Very soon, I will post a link for you to go and vote for your favourite smokey eye look created by us 4 MUA. (of course, I would love it if you voted for me :P)


1. Start with a clean moisturized face and Apply eye primer all over the eye area including the under eye area.
2. With a flat shader brush apply shadow #809 on the mobile lid area, pat on the lid. Don't worry about it being messy. 
3. Apply shadow #807 with an all over shadow brush half way on the outer lid and blend with shadow #809.
4. With a crease brush apply shadow #35 on the outer corner and and create a shape, I opted for a cat eye but you can round it out if you like.

5. Continue with the crease brush and shadow #35 and work on the crease to create depth and more definition. 
6. Blend and blend until you have the desire look and apply more shadows to get the more intensity. You can always create a sheer look with a soft touch, just remember to blend!
7. With a fluffy brush use shadow #91 and blend away any harsh lines.  This will soften the crease and create this smokiness. 
8. Use your favourite black eye liner and rim the top and bottom waterlines. (the inside of the eye) and use a small shadow brush and apply shadow #809 to the bottom lashes and blend. Do the same with shadow #807 in the inner corner of the bottom lashes.
9. Apply a generous amount of coats of black mascara or better yet apply false lashes for more dramatic look.
10. Apply a high light shade under the brows and inner corners. This step is optional, depending on the look you desire, you can leave it matte if you like to have a matte overall finish, I opted for a glow skin look.

The complete look consist of pore minimizing face primer, full coverage cream foundation, cream contour, full coverage eye concealer, loose HD powder,  shimmery coral blush, powder highlighter, brow pencils, nude lip pencil with sheer nude gloss. 

Photos by Christina Garcia

Photographer: Christina Garcia

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