I wanted a change with my hair color and I decided I wanted honey golden brown like JLO. The hardest part of the process is trying to eliminate the red pigment from my hair. You see not only did I dye my hair bright red but once a week for the longest time I would use the conditioner by the brand Ice cream "cherry". Cherry is a pure bright pigmented conditioner that coats the hair and brightens up and really really ups the red color. Its great but I just got to tired of the red.  So, I decided and bleached out my whole head of hair. 
I am still not at he color I want to achieve but I am getting a lot of compliments of the color. 

Now lets talk length.  Well, l I have managed to not cut my hair every 6 weeks like I used to. I no longer sport a pixie cut. I now have almost shoulder length hair. Let me tell you, its quite a hassle to actually blow dry and style! before it was wash, wear and a little style. 
Another change that I have done is that I've started to wear my hair in the middle. For years I wore it to the side. Most recently, I got bangs. Below is a pic of my hair taken Jan 12 2012.  

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