Ok for those who follow me on Twitter, you KNOW I kinda have a hair colouring addiction.  I'm always experimenting with different hair cuts and mostly COLOUR.

Disclaimer: I am NOT a HairStylist or colour specialist. I did not go to school for hair. This is my experience with my hair. A lot of mistakes along the way, but mistakes on my head and on my hair. Please speak to a PRO if you are considering changing your hair colour. 

Ok? Now on with my hair story...

Below you will see a snap shot of some of the colours I've sported.  I get very bored with my hair very fast and sometimes the colour change is very rapid. 

I'm not afraid of bleach! I removed one colour and apply the next all the time. NO my hair has not fallen out AND yes I do take care of it religiously. I take care of my scalp and take Biotin supplements daily. 

As you can see below I've been a blonde, red head, orange, brown and black.  I wish we had digital pictures of my younger years, I've had purple, fuchsia, blue and yes green.  The green was not by choice, lol my hair turned green because of over processing and applying the wrong ash brown to orange bleached hair. 

Throughout my years of dying my hair, I have tried every brand out there on the market. From boxed hair colouring systems to Pro.  I Always come back to L'Oreal hair colouring products. Always gives me the results I am looking for at the moment.  The colour selection is amazing from the lightest pale blonde to the richest blackest black.

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