HAIR: Letting it grow

For many many years, (9 to be exact) I have worm my hair very short.  I always like the pixie, sometimes it was with a longer bang but always very very short.  The only thing I just changed was the color. The maintaince of my hair was very minimal, just wash and go, no styling product needed.

So Ive made the decision to let it grow.  The challenges I've encountered by letting it grow are 1. I need styling products, 2. I have to blow dry, 3. I have wavy hair ( who knew!), 4. longer hair is heavy, 5. men notice me more, 6. I am getting alot more attention from men than usual, 7. I am having fun with all this new attention from men. lol, 8. trying out new styles is fun.

Any advice on how to gracefully grow out my hair? Share with me your experiences with hair and do you really think men prefer longer hair on women.?

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  1. I am so excited to see your hair long! i love my long hair, many choices for styling (curly, wavy, straight, up do , half do, and braids) i don't know what men think of my hair or any womans hair but i would think it may be the same feeling women have on mens facial hair... some of us like it and others don't.