The Plus Size Asymmetrical Faux Leather Skirt - FOREVER21+

Last night I attended my SDM holiday party and wore my new Asymmetrical Faux Leather Skirt from Forever21+, size 12.

I fell in love with it while Christmas shopping, I only found one, it was a size 12. I looked around for more, asked the salesperson if they could check for more sizes (I wanted a size 14) but nope that was the only sole lonely skirt left. I decide to try it on anyways with other faux leather skirts I found while searching for a size 14....I found a faux leather zipper skirt & flared faux leather skirt size 14. 

I tried on the size 14 skirts first and to my awesome surprise they were big on me! What? Could I've gone down more inches? Awesome!!!

On goes on the size 12 love at first sight ment to be Asymmetrical Faux Leather Skirt and it fits perfectactly.

So back to last night, I wore the skirt with a plain black cashmere sweater, black tights, black wedges and simple accessories. Thank you Pinterest for inspiration! Got many compliments on the skirt :)

So, I plan on wearing this skirt on New Year's Eve also, just got to sexy it up....

A pic from the SDM holiday party

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