The Plus Side Of Black is back up! 

My last outfit fashion post was July 2012 and oh boy oh boy, how we have changed! 

TPSOB Will now document my journey in discovering different sizes, different stores with a larger selection of fashion choices. 

You see, last May 2012, I made the decision to undergo the process of being approved for weight loss surgery, Gastric Bypass, RNY.  
I had hit the highest weight I had ever been and it was affecting my day to day and not to mention I was buying size 3x, 4x, size 22/24. The bigger I got the less fashion choices!! 

It took over a year to be approved and I had my surgery July 3rd 2013. I was on a no buy for about a year <-- that was torture! I bought a lot of jewelry and purses instead to feed my shopping needs.

So far, I have lost 71 pounds and wearing a size 14! Been shopping and buying at stores that I would never have sought I would buy at. 

I decided to start up The Plus Side Of Black again because I love shopping, I love fashion, I love clothes and I want to share with you my journey as I discover new and exciting outfits! 

TPSOB will of course still be featuring shopping hauls, jewelry, shoes and outfits of the days, just now it will be showcasing a whole bunch of different stores. 

The most of course in BLACK! Now, TPSOB HAS A WHOLE NEW MEANING! 

The 1st post of The Plus Side Of Black was back in April 2011...

Welcome and thank you for reading my very 1st post on here.  I've started "The plus side of black" a fashion blog for all those out there that are plus size women and are always told to wear color! Well let me tell you ladies this blog will not do this. You see, I work as a cosmetician at Shoppers Drug Mart and as of May I will be making the move to Beauty Advisor at a Beauty Boutique (Shoppers Drug Mart exclusive makeup boutiques).  So, I will be throwing away my black jacket and pants provide by SDM(uniform! be gone!) and I will be required to wear my own black clothing every shift. So, Ive decided to take you along with me to see what does one do to make a black wardrobe fashionable. Well, black is always the color to wear when being "in fashion" and everything is always the new black. So why not stick with it.  Also, being a makeup artist you are always expected and required to dress in black.

Ok, so also with outfits, I will include of course foot wear, jewelery, handbags, and yes sometimes a few color pieces.

OH and of course you do not have to be a plus size gal to follow this blog.  All shapes and sizes welcomed!

I would love to interact with my you and get feed back and advice on everything fashion.

So let the blogging begin!!


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