The Official TIFF 2013 Collection Privee from L'Oreal Canada


A beautiful exclusive collection for The Toronto Film Festival (TIFF) 2013 from L'Oreal Canada. 

Available now is the limited edition Collection Privee that dares you to go bare. The collection consists of 4 Colour Riche Lipcolour (SRP $10.99) and 4 Colour Riche Nailcolour (SRP $3.99).

TIFF is…

The Toronto International Film Festival has become the launching pad for the best of international, Hollywood and Canadian cinema, and is recognized as the most important film festival after Cannes.

TIFF Festival starts September 5 ends September 15 2013.

Will you be attending? I know I will be star gazing(stalking) at a few red carpets and Yorkville. 


Get red carpet ready with any of these 4 combinations inspired from 4 L'Oreal beauties. 

Barely Pink - The Doutzen Nude 
A combination of freshness and femininity with an sparkling of softness. The way this barely pink nuance melts into any type of complexion gives it indispensable elegance.

Barely Golden - The Eva Nude
With a hint of gold added, the best to capture the radiance of matte skin and sublimate the complexion, the sun-kissed effect is worthy of the influential woman!

Barely Parma - The Freida Nude 
Perfect for emphasizing the delicacy and Elegance of the amber complexion. The ultimate in refinement, this shade evokes a freshness as well as sheer sophication.

Barely Greige - The JLO Nude
Ultra-chic and rich in iridescence barely Greige offers a discreet contrast to the skin, thereby enhancing the natural beauty of the complexion.

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