Inspired by the Rouge In Love lip collection, Vernis in Love has intense colour, fast & easy application, amazing shine and colour that stays for days.

Vernis in love is divided into 3 collections

Text taken from Lancô

Jolis Matins: Fresh shades for daytime wear. Jolis Matins shades are identified with the letter M in the shade number.

Boudoir Time: Pop shades for cocktail hour. Boudoir Time shades are identified with the letter B in the shade number.

Tonight is My Night: Intense shades for magical nights. Tonight is My Night shades are identified with the letter N in the shade number.

Vernis in love Bold Colour. High Shine. One Stroke.

Violette coquette caught my eye, been wearing it for a few days now and no chipping, high shine and still looks freshly done.


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