SAG Awards My Top Picks and Twitter explodes on Debbie Travis!

Last night the SAG awards where on, well they where scheduled to be broadcast on global tv and I guess the programmer forgot to flick the switch per say and we got Debbie Travis instead.

It was quite hilarious on twitter with everyone tweeting to global tv about how we where all tuned in and wondering what was happening. The tweets where hilarious! The best one was by Jill Dunn

“@JillD_tweets: It's 11 minutes in and i STILL don't know who Debbie Travis is wearing @global_TV #SAGawards”

The tweets even got the attention of Debbie Travis herself

@Debbie_Travis: @lrobertsglobal @clickflickca Hey Leslie what is going on..someone just called my house screaming down the phone.not sure how they got my no

@Debbie_Travis: what is everyone talking about - i am trending because my show is on - i have no clue what is going on but i am getting some hateful tweets

@Debbie_Travis: @LindaOnLeukemia i really dont understand what everyone is talking about - i guess i should put my TV on

@Debbie_Travis: Hey everyone I am NOT a programmer - just sitting writing a speech for next week -but i could put a pretty dress on & give an award!!

Poor Debbie! Dont know who Debbie Travis is?

Visit her website

I love how social media has so much power and I truly do enjoy watching tv with my twitter family.

See below my top pics for dresses and overall style.


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