MARCELLE cosmetics 2013 New products!

Available now are these new and exciting products from Marcelle Cosmetics.

With a new year, we have new products from Marcelle Cosmetics and A new face of Marcelle.

"Marcelle is extremely proud to announce Karine Vanasse as the new face for the brand. The actress, well known for her many roles in television series as well as on the big screen, will soon appear in Marcelle skincare and make-up advertising.

Karine Vanasse, the new face of Marcelle
Karine always appeared as naturally beautiful, with no need for superficial extravagance. Marcelle, with its hypo-allergenic and perfume-free products, is a brand that fits perfectly with her personality and that matches her values. “When a public figure associates with a brand, states Karine Vanasse, the general public isn’t fooled. People feel when there is truth behind the collaboration, when the person’s values correspond to those of the brand.” If the actress is happy and proud of her new role as spokesmodel for Marcelle skincare and make-up, it truly is because she shares the brand’s philosophy and core traits. Gentleness, efficacy, authenticity, trustworthiness, Canadian-made, focusing on natural beauty; those are some of the values shared by both the accomplished woman that is Karine Vanasse and the cosmetic brand."

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