MAKEUP ARTIST LIFE: BEHIND THE SCENES with Celebrity Trainer Joshua Lipsey

It's the new year and everyone is on the "I need to loose weight and get into shape" resolution kick. So, why not do some real effective exercises to get your core into top shape. These exercises are easy and yes they hurt BUT you will see results.

I worked with Joshua on his 1st DVD, Core Concepts. Which lead Mr. Lipsey across the talk show circuit (Extra, Access Hollywood etc) in the US and Canada.
Visit the core concepts website
Last October, I was asked again to be the Lead Make Up Artist with the talented celebrity trainer Joshua Lipsey on his second DVD, Gym Tuck.

Let me tell you the man can work out! 3 days of shooting and doing major core exercises, I was in awe of his stamina.

The shoot was not easy.  Making sure sweat did not peak thru his designer workout clothes, keeping his hair in place, making sure his skin looked glowing not sweaty and shooting 30 seconds spots for 12 hours was hard work but It was amazing. I would gladly do it again.

The whole crew was amazing, from catering to the camera guys and the location was breath taking! Truly one of my highs of 2012.

Watch the trailer in the link below to see the a teaser of  the Gym Tuck DVD.

Here are some behind the scenes pictures of the upcoming DVD and be on the look out for his new website launching soon!


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