2012 was the year I decided to grow out my hair. I must admit it was easier than I thought it was going to be.  My daughters wanted to see me with longer hair. It had been over 10 years of short pixie cuts and it was time for a change.

I started the year off with dark hair thinking, OK since I cant cut it as often I shouldn't color so much. Well, let me tell you, once I decided to not color my hair so much all the grey hairs started to appear and not just one but hundreds!
I must be 50% grey but because I bleached, color and cut my hair so often I never noticed.

So, I started to go lighter in hair color camouflaging the greys with the hair color coating them and looking like highlights.    

One thing I started to notice also is that having longer hair requires longer time to blow dry and style.  My hair is not thick or thin, there is just alot of it! which can be such a pain!
As my hair grew, I discovered that I had wavy almost curly hair. The summer months where easy and fun to have longer hair. By July I could put it up in a ponytail and off my face so that helped.

later as my hair grew longer I loved the fact that with just some oils I could tame the frizz and let it dry naturally and sport wavy hair. 

I did discover that I could also get more vibrant hair with L'Oreal Pro highlight for dark hair in the color magenta and boy it went red! Love it! Also, to maintain the vibrancy I used ICE CREAM red conditioner. That did wonders to my greys, it covered it and gave me super red hair.

Once my hair hit my shoulders I felt as thought I was wearing a wig.  It felt so heavy and it was so much work.  I noticed I would take so long to blow dry & style my hair that my make up routine was minimal.  It affected my style. I felt like everyone else. I wanted me back. I didn't feel myself with long hair. Does that make any sense? 

By October my hair now was long and it was always up.  I had sock bums, ponytails, braids, clips, everything to keep my hair of my face and up.  

So, I had, had enough and went and cut off 12 inches off and was so happy! I felt like myself again! I had time to do my makeup! I could sleep in later! lol. I love my short hair. I am SO happy that short hair is in style now and more women are sporting it.

Tell me how much do you associate yourself with your hair??  Is it a security blanket? Do you hide behind it? Do you think it makes you look more sexy?

I know I feel 100% more confident with short hair.

Now if only I could find a color I feel happy with! Well that's another blog post lol


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