Saturday November 17 2012, I attended The International Make Up Artist Trade show, Toronto Edition.

This is the first year that I have only attended one of the two days without feeling I was missing out on something.

Overall, the show was ok, not spectacular like other years.  The deals ok, the vendors not enough, and the venue, alright. 

I had a list of things I wanted to buy and a few seminars I wanted to attend and was happy that at least accomplished my to do list. 

My main purpose was to visit the bdellium Tools booth to buy some of those amazing Professional Antibacterial Make up Brushes. I bought 2 sets and a few more.  

Watch the video below for my haul.

bdellium brushes are one of my favorite brushes to date, I highly recommend them and encourage you to get your hands on some!

The venue was packed with many young inspiring Make Up Artist,  many, many! young YouTube watchers and just overall Make Up junkies.

At one point I felt over whelmed because of the massive crowd, that's a first for me.

This time around vendors sold out on many products before noon, which led me to think, what are they going to be sell on the Sunday?

ATM's machines ran out of money before 2, and vendors charged in US funds ( if you used your credit card).

I witness many ladies negotiating payment options with vendors because no ATM or vendors where not equipped with DEBIT machines.

Last year I learned my lesson about the ATM so I brought cash. 

Many vendors like NYX, Cover FX, Model in a bottle, and others where noticeably missing and all the vendors had a scale down version booth from years passed. 

I attended 2 seminars at the Main Stage. MAC's Pro Artist Melissa Gibson, Make Up As Art and Lottie, Working in Fashion.

Both seminars where very informative and inspiring. 

I also notice that with the lack of vendors and enthusiasm of  The Toronto IMATS this time around, the low attendance of some of my fellow Make Up Artist and Bloggers.

I did see some of my fav ladies and got to meet new ones I usually interact online. (Hi Merry!)

The OCC booth had Lauren AKA "queen of blending" from youtube as a special guest which was a treat.

I chatted with her for a few minutes and I am glad I did, she is so sweet and a major Twihard!

Next year IMATS TORONTO, will be changing venues. It will be on November 8 & 9 at the Toronto Convention center which is located downtown Toronto. Easier to get to and bigger venue.  

Will I attend next year? Ya, why not? I need to get me more brushes! 

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