QUO Eyeliner Adhesives makes it easy for anyone to have the perfect eyeliner.

I tried out these eyeliner adhesives and they where very easy to apply.  The eyeliner adhesives are made of a thin velvety type material that is very comfortable to wear.

The key to applying them is the glue, make sure you let your glue get tacky before applying them on your lids. Press gently and hold for a few seconds.

The only thing I did not like was that the shape of the lid was too round for my eyes, so I had to fill in the gaps with liquid liner.

Just like lashes, you feel them, but them you forget about them. I applied them at 8am and buy 9pm one was ungluing.

Play around with the placement before applying the glue to see exactly where the eyeliner strip will go.

I loved the way it looked and I received many compliments on my perfect liner. I wore the ones with black stones.

4 pairs for $7.99, glue included.

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