air - matte beige

    driftwood - mid tone brown
    wind - soft matte peach
    fire - matte brick
    desert - soft matte tan w/warm undertones
    rain -matte brown
    clay - matte warm light brown
    smoke - matte charcoal grey
    earth - deep matte chocolate brown
    ebony - matte black


Lip Glaze - New Fall Shades

Just received this collection and I love the Matte palette! Finally a matte palette!

Been playing around with this collection, so far I am loving it. Also part of this collection, is a matte white waterproof liner and new long wearing lip shades.

I've worn the foundation a few times and I was very impressed with the longevity and the coverage. It did not smudge or loose its full coverage after 10 hours of wearing plus after a nap, my face was intact. The only thing is that since I've been wearing BB creams most of the summer and wearing this full coverage foundation, my skin did look flawless but not natural, I mean it looked perfect, it covered all my imperfections. I think this will be my "I need to look 110% perfect & flawless" days. Definitely, not my everyday foundation.

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