OK, The Stila Summer Collection is very concentrated on skin, luminous skin and glowing skin. Perfect for Summer and a perfect fit for your Summer glow/tan.

Let's start with the lip and cheek stain in the color passion fruit. It's a beautiful coral pink shade. If you are not fan of stains, which I was not before I tried Stila's, YOU must try this one. Perfect for the summer and great on every skin tone. 

One step illuminate serum is a pinky shimmery serum/primer which is very brightening. Unfortunately, it is a bit ashy on dark skin tones. :( 
The all over shimmer liquid luminizers are amazing. Now for you darker skin tone girls, you will be able to use bronze shimmer and rose gold shimmer. They all give the skin a beautiful glow. Mix this with your foundation or with your moisturizer and get glowing!

1 set & illuminate powder trio, (The illuminators), 1 set and bronze baked powder trio (The bronzers) and set and correct baked powder trio (The correctors). The packaging we have seen before from Smashbox, which i really like for always getting fresh powder every time. These powders are so silky and very pigmented.  Blend well and apply. 

One new self adjusting bronzer. Yup, it self adjust to your skin tone. 

Of course, a Stila collection will not be complete with a eyeshadow palette. This palette has one row of ombre purples and one row of neutrals. It contains a few matte shadows which I am loving. A waterproof eye liner in the color tetra.

Also, with this collection is a black all day waterproof mascara (not shown).

I will be doing many looks with this collection including makeup videos. I am really looking forward to play with this collection!

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  1. The one all over shimmer liquid luminizers look amazing. I wonder if these will make me look dirty seeing as i am not the fairest of skin. Im more light olive. :)