Stila Cosmetics HD BB Beauty Balm

OK, So, the makeup market has been bombarded with BB creams and of course the makeup junkie I am, I had to the NEED to try them all. So, if you see me showing you a BB cream on here, its because it was worthy and I would totally recommend it. Another gem in the BB cream world is Stila's HD Beauty Balm.


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Age is nothing but a number with Stila's Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD Beauty Balm, a luxurious, priming beauty balm that seemingly turns back the hands of time by visibly improving the look and feel of skin and creating an impeccable canvas for flawless makeup application.
  • Luxurious beauty balm glides onto skin and leaves a silky, powdery finish
I found that the formula did glide on and was very smooth. It was a semi powdery finish, my skin was radiant not matte. I love the scent! 
  • High-definition formula helps reduce pore size and provides oil and blemish control
Feedback from my customers is yes, they did find oil control was good, as for blemish control still waiting for more time for that feedback. Helps reduce pore size?? nothing changes your pore size, but your pores will APPEAR smaller. 
  • Contains innovative micro spheres, which have been shown to hide skin imperfections and reduce wrinkle depth by up to 84%
I did find my skin look smoother and my fine lines were soften.
  • Features an exclusive complex, which helps reduce redness and skin irritation
Yes this BB cream does tone down redness significantly, I've used it on myself and clients with much redness and it did wonders. So far, no irritation from me or my clients.
  • Enriched with Tripeptide-37, bamboo and pea extracts, which help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
I usually react to peptides, but so far so good. my fine lines do "appear" less visible. Diminish them? still waiting...
  • Infused with natural, skin-protecting emollients which have been shown to increase anti-oxidant activity by up to 89.7%
Awesome, love those hard working anti-oxidants!
  • Uses the smallest particle size of coated pigments for seamless, smooth coverage
Yes, the coverage is a medium coverage and its so smooth. Did I mention the scent??? oh so lovely!
  • Ideal for all skin types and skin tones
Unfortunately, this is one claim I have to disagree with. It does not agree or like darker skin tones :[
  • Oil-free, paraben-free and dermatologist tested
Always good to know.

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