L'OREAL PARIS Les Caramels Hair Color

So, if you been following me for a while now, you KNOW that I change my hair color ALOT. Since I have been growing out my hair, I have been less aggressive to it. 
Before, in a heart beat, I would bleach out my whole head to remove color to put on another color. I had a very short pixie cut so I never ever noticed any damage because I would cut my hair every 4-6 weeks. 
Now that my hair is at my shoulders I have been more careful with my hair color choices.  For a while, I had been trying to lighten my hair to a golden brown shade and was always unsuccessful. I always had the outcome of brassiness, dull, or over processed looking hair. 
I had given my hair a chance to repair it self and had colored it a dark brown. 

UNTIL....When I received the promo package from L'OREAL I was so HAPPY and was excited to try out this new Superior Preference Les Caramels Ultra-Lightening NO-Brass Technology. 
It claimed to "transform even your darkest browns into luminous, rich shades of caramel without a hint of brassiness."
Added to this formula is a new Oleo Shine Serum that keeps hair color looking lustrous for 8 weeks. 

I was intrigued and went for it! I read the instructions carefully and followed them. I applied the color all over except for about 2 inches from my head (roots) waited for it to process for about 15-20 minutes and applied the rest of the mixture to the rest of my hair. From what I have I seen on YouTube, the number one complaint was that the roots always came out lighter. NOT in my case. I followed the directions and got amazing results. My hair was not as light as the box but it was pretty close. My hair felt amazing and was so shiny afterwards. 

Les Caramels has 3 shades for dark hair, Ultra Light Ash Brow, Extra Light Natural Brown and the one I used Extra Light Golden Brown.

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