Lise Watier is always 1st to come out  with collections for the upcoming season, so why should Summer 2012 be an exception?

The Summer Sunset Collection is BEAUTIFUL! I love all the products, really truly I DO, been playing and creating looks with them since we got them in store.
OK, let's begin with the eyeshadow palettes.($38) 2 gorgeous palettes with 5 eyeshadow colors. The shadows are soft, silky and blend very well. The eyeshadow colors work so well together that any combination is a beauty. Great for all eye colors. Mix, play and create amazing soft summer looks, intense to vibrant eyes.

Now, the packaging.  The packaging! Its a lovely compact that is a bit cushioned. with a silver clasp. Very old fashion feel with a modern twist. Once the shadows are done, you can use the pouch as a business card holder or if you smoke a chick cigarette holder. (no judgement..but quit OK lol)

Also, in this collection. 3 oh so glossy lip glosses.($18) They are true to the color not sheer at all and did I mention really really glossy. Lips look wet!

3 waterproof eye light pencils. Pastel colors. Great for the summer for a quick pop to the eyes.

A new primer, liquid bronzer combo.($30) I love this product! I used it on my co worker who just got back from Punta Cana and boy oh boy did it enhance and even out her tan! It covered her blemishes and gave her such a healthy glow.  Wear it alone or under makeup.

The 2 new polishes are really pigmented.($18) Only one coat on the picture below. They dry fast and are very vibrant, almost neon. Will look amazing with a tan.

What do you think of the collection? Leave me comment below and tell me what you like.

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  1. I love the entire collection!!! Guess what this mamma will be asking for Mother's Day??? The e/s palette with the green shade paired up with that orange gloss and matching nails! HOT!

    Very curious about the primer/bronzer combo!

  2. Whoa, those glosses are gorgeous!