Lip Jewel

After thinking about it for months, info gathering, taking polls, asking friends and getting over the fear, I did it! I got my piercing.

It hurt for about 30 seconds then it was followed with a very painful sting, and it was over.

My lip didn't swell much until the next the next morning.

Eating has been abit of a struggle. I am so aware of mouth and the way it's moves. The metal backing of the jewelry sorta scrapes my bottom once it's healed, I am getting if replaced with a plastic one.

Nikki, my piercer gave me direct and strict instructions to follow for my piercing to heal properly. The main ones are not to eat any dairy product or drink any alcohol. Rinse my mouth with non alcohol mouth wash after I eat anything and clean my piercing with an bactine, a antibacterial lotion.

I am so happy that I did it! I love it!

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