QUO Cosmetics Emerald Skies Spring 2012

Another great spring collection, this time we have QUO Cosmetics Emerald Skies.
The Collection consist of 2 face palletes with a blush, bronzer and beauty powder, New Edge and Force of Nature. ($20)
4 trio eye shadow palettes, Earth Ritual, Aquarelle, Aurora Borealis, Soft Alternative ($15)
2 sheer lipsticks, Oasis and Harmony ($15)
4 lip glosses, Tulle, Dessert, Iris, Flashy ($12)
Also, with this collection a set of limited edition 10 piece brush set with teal/green handles and pouch. ($60) (not shown)

The packaging is a beautiful teal/green with black almost looks like stones or granite. Very shiny finish and nice weight to it. Sometimes I feel the heavier the package the more luxurious lol...do you?

QUO Cosmetics is available ONLY at Shoppers Drug Mart and is always a fast seller.

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