Elizabeth Arden Rose Aurora Spring 2012 Collection

Elizabeth Arden is embracing natural beauty this spring. The collection is beautiful and so simple. It can be for all ages, definitely not your grandmas line anymore, although it has never been. I think because its been around for about 100 years, yes 100 years! read about Elizabeth Arden here.  Did you know she was Canadian and you can visit her house in Pioneer Village and she was from Woodbrige?
OK, back to the collection. The first thing we noticed when it came in, no shadows? 
Arden’s New Spring 2012 Make Up Collection is a modern twist on the original 1950’s collection designed by Ms. Elizabeth Arden herself.
The packaging is beautiful gold with rose design. 

The Pure Finish Bronze Powders are so silky and soft that they glide on your skin. They contain a gold soft shimmer. 3 shades that compliment from the fairest to darkest skin tones. 

The collection also consist of 3 lipsticks, a face Rosy Finish Highlighter, a cream blush, a bronzer brush, 2 liquid liners, a clear gloss and ceramide mascara (both from the regular line). I am loving this collection, its so simple and so easy to wear. It will complement any skin color and will enhance many features. Its so romantic!

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