Forever21 Gold Tone Jewelry Haul

At the end of 2011, I started to slowly change my red hair to a more golden brownish hair color and realised I didn't own many gold tone jewelry. (hair update post is coming!) I love the way the lighter hair and golden tones look together, so I headed out to Forever21.
I picked up the gold leafs and flower earrings first and from there I was hooked! On another visit to Forever21, I picked up the necklace which I found to be very delicate looking with a bit of a ethnic feel. I had to find earrings that went with it and I found earrings with the same chain.
The orange marble hoops, I just bought on a "lets just see whats in this Forever21 location".  I was in the Eaton center so I had to stop by and see.

Been having this orange craving...I hear its going to be a big color in spring in accessories and makeup.

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