All That Glitters!

Happy 2012! Wishing you all the best and happiness for this what seems to be a great year ahead!

OK, so early December, I needed to purchase something glittery for work.  We were having our holiday gala "All that Glitters" and I didn't have a thing to wear!I made my way over to Bramalea City Center and found a few pieces at Forever21+.  I found a glitter tank with a mesh overlay $23.90 and a oh so glitterly dress at a sweet price of $29!

I opted to wear the dress with a sheer sweater (also bought at Forever21+ $11), I wore very black tights and black mid caft laced up boots.

The dress is so comfortable to wear and love the fact that the inner shell is strong spandex, which really helps you have nice smooth curves. 

The tank is very light weight and I wore it for NYE with a black blazer and black skinny pants.

Check out the write up on "All That Glitters" Gala! HERE and My NYE makeup look will be up on my beauty blog!

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  1. Love the glittery look! Pumps up any outfit, they are awesome finds!!



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