My Staple - Red Lips

My staple is look has always been red lips.  Its my safe, feel great, easy, can always count on, will go with everything lip look.

I've fallen in love with Stila's long wear liquid lip color in Fiery.  Its the perfect red, what I love most about this lip product is the matte finish. Once dry, the finish looks velvety, not dry like most matte finishes.  The formula is light and so pigmented that you only need a little product to fill your lips.  I start out with lining my lips with the product using just the tip of the wand, then, I fill in the rest of my lips.  The formula last for hours and its transfer proof. Its not drying to the lip, so comfortable to wear that you forget you have it on, until you see yourself in the mirror and say Oh wow its still intact!! no joke its really that long lasting.  I love LOVE this product and this fiery red shade.

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